how to download

1.) Press Regular Download
2.)Choose one easy Survey to Complete (File unlocks after)
3.)Fill the email or enter your name and address (Fill zipcode,name,address,city,state,phone number,date of brith "same as on the video" ! )

4.)Wait when Processing is finished
5.)You will hear sound when your download in unlocked
6.)Save File
7.)That is all.

Click on video to watch tutorial !

How to Fix Problems !
If you get this message
"No offers avaible for your country at the moment"
Look After this picture video how to download if for your country we havent offers !

Every country will have different surveys. Some countries might not have surveys.

The easiest surveys are from US (THE BEST) , CA, AUS, and UK. Since surveys that you get are based on your IP. Changing your IP might help you to download easier.
Here is a tutorial on how to change your IP in 3 minutes-
1.)hotspotshield is software for change IP, Download here
2.)Open Hotspotshield and "connect" after that Go to download link for file from Fill survey like on Frist Video.
3.)Save file, and that is all

Click on video to watch tutorial !

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